The Mailbag

I’m not actually going to let you read my mail, but I am going to tell you all about it.  All of a sudden my mailbox is filled to capacity with requests for me to accept guest posts from the email writers.  I’m thinking that somewhere there is an online article advising writers to search out blogs that accept guest posts and send out a letter offering to write a post.  I suspect this because three of the letters are practically identical, though they came from different emails and IPs.   And since I’ve recently had two guest posts,  perhaps people are doing a search for blogs that have the term “guest post.”  If that’s the case, I suppose I’m only making the situation worse by using that term so much here!

Most of these emails don’t even spell out what topics the writer has in mind.  In fact, most of them haven’t even bothered to look through this blog to find my name.  Addressing an email to “To whom it way concern” when asking that person to give you a forum for your writing is just lazy.  How long would it take someone to read through my “About” section and realize that The Vintage Traveler is written by “Lizzie?”

At any rate, I’ve added a section to my policies that states that I only accept guest posts from people I  know – either actually or by reputation.   I try to maintain a consistent point of view here, even though it does seem like I do ramble about a bit from time to time.   There are dozens of great vintage bloggers with whom I’d gladly swap posts; in fact I’ll be doing an exchange with Monica Murgia in the near future.  But please, someone put a stop to these random requests!

I also get lots of requests to push this  or that on-line shop.  Sorry, I post links to a webstore only when I’ve found something I like from it.

I hope I’m not implying that I don’t like to get emails, because I love emails, especially from readers.  If you ever have something fun to share, or you have a question for me and you don’t want to post a comment here, feel free to email me.

Sometimes I do get requests from people to post about their event or promotion.  That’s good too, and I usually put those types of things in my bi-weekly links post.  Here are two fun things that were in my inbox this week:

Around the World with Aquatalia.
Enter to win a $400 Gift Certificate to
Match each summer escape with its corresponding shoe style.
3 correct matches automatically enters you to win.

It’s a cute and easy contest where you try to match the best shoe for each getaway.  You only have to get 3 of them correct which is good because I did a trial and I only got 3 right.  But after seeing the answers there are some big hints in the styles themselves.  So take your time and think them through… and good luck!   It would be super if a reader of The Vintage Traveler won $400 worth of Italian shoes!



And for those of you near Sydney, Australia:

Go to Town for the 10thannual Variety Op Shop Ball

For the last nine years party-goers have been stepping out in their finest thrift store finds for the funkiest fundraiser on the Sydney social calendar, the Variety Op Shop Ball.  Far from your average charity benefit, this year’s special 10th anniversary event is set to be the biggest yet, with up to 500 people expected to pack Sydney’s iconic Town Hall on Saturday August 18 for the ultimate night of nights. Think sequins, faux fur, velvet, leather or even your mum’s wedding gown!

The illustration is from a 1948 Santa Fe railroad ad.  Here is the entire ad, and click it for the enlargement.


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8 responses to “The Mailbag

  1. I am SO EXCITED for Shannon Rodgers. And I remembered the name :)

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  2. Ugh! It’s so annoying to get requests from people that haven’t had the courtesy of reading about you and what your blog is about. It’s the same sort of feeling I get when I receive a request about a garment for sale on my website . . . . . . . . when they ask how many I have available! Eeeeek! Give me strength!!! ;-)

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  3. I think that’s a fair approach to take – how lazy to not even bother learning a little about the person they want to write for them!

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  4. Take solace in the fact it’s not just you Lizzie!

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  5. Wow…I’d much rather you guest post for me than guest post for you. Does that sound right? I just meant I love your posts. And I’d love to go to Santa Fe on one of those old trains too. I took a train ride in the 50′s but all I remember is drinking from the little paper cups.

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  6. I got a rush of link exchange requests one week – and they obviously didn’t read what my blog was about because they wanted me to put their completely unrelated links on mine. One site even tried to guilt me into linking back to them by telling me they had already linked to me and would take the link away if I didn’t return the favor. It was annoying to say the least. (Sometimes I think it has to do with the traffic stats of your blog for why people find a blog to target.)

    Yay for the “click to enlarge” photo! It looks great! =)

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  7. i got 1 out of 6 correct, gosh. thanks for the #FF mention! :)

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