My New Favorite from KEK

I really don’t believe in luck, but if I did I’d say this was one lucky find.  It came to me by way of  reader and fellow blogger, Jo of Joyatri.  She had seen my post about a KEK album I’d found, and emailed me to let me know she had this one.

She then sent photos, and I was so happy to see that it is in what is probably a print from the early 1960s.  I already had two items from this print, but in a different colorway.  This time we can see the entire print, including lots of graphic that are not on my other, smaller items.

I had always assumed that the hitchhiker in the left corner was a girl!

Cute jaywalking kitty-cat!

The suitcase strapped onto the side of the bottom car reads “Roma”.  I’d be smiling too if I were headed for Rome!

According to research done by friend Nathalie, KEK was a German maker of albums and such.  They might still be in business, but I can’t imagine that anything made by them today could possibly be this cool.


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11 responses to “My New Favorite from KEK

  1. What a wonderful graphic! (I wish that same print could be found on fabric yardage!) How nice of Jo to send you photos to share!

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  2. What a fun print! That hitchhiker looks like a total beatnik. Love it.

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  3. It’s adorable vintage prints like this that makes me want to try my hand at scanning the design and then having it printed up on fabric by Spoonflower.

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  4. This is very cool, indeed!

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  5. That is so cute!! And I agree with Jen O, seriously that as a fabric print!? I would love it!


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  6. I’m so glad the album has gone to a good home. I always loved the hitch-hiking Scotty dog and the Poodle on the convertible, but the kitty-cat is sweet, too.

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  7. Jackie

    yes very cool …for cats

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