Leopard Print for Christmas

Fashion bloggers are always getting criticized for their showing off of the free stuff “gifted” to them by companies who want that blogger to say nice things about them.  I get it; we want our favorite bloggers to be free of outside influence and to give only their unbiased opinions.  But this is the real world, and bloggers are offered stuff, and if it fits in with the theme of the blog, I think that’s cool.  Far be it from me to blame Ms. Funky-dressing blogger for  partnering with the Gap.

Even I get offered stuff, and sometimes – rarely – I think it is Vintage Traveler worthy.  An example is Popina Swimwear.   But receiving a special box in the mail yesterday was one of the nicest, sweetest things I’ve experienced since starting this blog almost ten years ago.

When it arrived I could not remember ordering anything, but then I noticed that the return address was from Magda Makkay.  If you have been a reader here for a few months, you certainly remember my conversation with this remarkable woman.  To my great delight, she had made a bag just for me.  Not only that, she filled it with chocolate.  Yes.  Chocolate.

I’d never think to buy myself a spotted cat printed anything, but I’m telling you, this was love at first sight.  Leopard looks great with black and red and grey.  I had no idea how versatile it could be.  But best of all was the note Magda wrote, thanking me for the wonderful gift of my blog post about her.  I *live* to talk with people like her, to record their stories.  To me, I was the one who had received the gift.

All I can say is that I hope I’m still creating at age 88.   And it is such a beautifully thought out and executed bag.  The details are what makes it even more special.  I love the heart zipper pull.

The print is a synthetic, and looks like it will be easy to keep clean.  The black shiny parts are vinyl.

Even the inside is cat print, and there is a little black zippered case that tucks into the tote.  And I love all the pockets.

And to make it official, here is Magda’s label.

Thanks so much dear Madga.  You are one of a kind, and I’m so happy to have “met” you!


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13 responses to “Leopard Print for Christmas

  1. how special is that !

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  2. CJ

    That is so sweet and your friend Magda does Leopard well! I love leopard!

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  3. Christina


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  4. That is just lovely – as are you! Well deserved, and always nice when nice things happen to nice people!

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  5. Wow! What a wonderful gift!

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  6. Oh, it’s is just great! An early Christmas to you!

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  7. That is one of the sweetest things! Looks like a wonderful purse what a special memory that came attached to it!

    I only do the animal print thing with accessories but it really is amazing how much they go with.

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  8. This is so sweet, and lovely to read!

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  9. That is a real Christmas story: you have both been enriched by discovering one another! I am absolutely charmed by Magda, too. It’s a gorgeous bag.

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  10. So beautifully made!

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  11. Irene

    What a sweet and awesome gift!

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  12. Beautiful story, and a beautiful bag! Magda is an amazing woman (as are you…:) )

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  13. It looks very good on you!! No wonder you like it, and I am automatically impressed with anyone who is 88 years old and creating such beautiful things. How very sweet!!

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