Feeling like the ship left me behind….

First let me say that I do take disappointments very well. I never did get the horse I wanted when I was 10, and I wasn’t nominated for Homecoming Queen, and neither seem to have left any scars. Even when I was teaching and I’d pray for snow, and then awake to a green (or rather brown) ground, I always quickly rebounded.

But this disappointment is major, really major.

It happened over a week ago at the Goodwill. I walked in and right in front of me were 2 wooden lounging chairs, the type Audrey Hepburn was sitting in when Humphrey Bogart surprised her at the end of Sabrina. The kind you see in 1930s movies on ships headed to exotic locales. They were weatherd and grey, obviously due to exposure to the salt air. There were little brass tags that read “Nieuw Amsterdam”, and my heart was racing as I began to lay claim. That when I heard, “I’ve just paid for those,” coming out of the mouth of a guy I’m too polite to describe. Unfortunately, he had left the price tags on them, and I got a glance – $25 each. I was so upset, I had to just go home.

A week later, I thought I was over it, until I opened a 1951 Holiday magazine and saw this ad:

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