Travel Fantasy Skirts

I found this super travel themed fabric in a box at the Metrolina Flea last month. Because a former owner had mutilated it, there was not enough fabric to make a waist band, even for a short person like me, so I gathered it onto a grosgrain ribbon.  It think it is sweet!

On a similar note, here is a 1950s belt decorated with the logos of 4 airlines, BOAC, Swiss Air, Pan American, and KLM.  These wide belts were perfect with  full skirts, and I’ve paired this one with a great Japan themed one I just received from Vintage-Voyager.

Last year, the designers and department stores had discovered these themed skirts, and for a while they were next to impossible to purchase for a reasonable amount on eBay.  But the fad has cooled, and now the travel fantasy skirts are left to the vintage loving women who have been buying, and wearing, them for years.


Posted by Vintage Voyager:

I love how you’ve accessorized the Fuji skirt, and the luggage one looks superb too! Ah, time to work on the collection again…

Friday, May 12th 2006 @ 1:33 PM

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