Time to Beat the Heat…

…with a visit to the nearest beach or  swimming hole.

I can’t identify the girls in this great 1920s photo, as I bought it at an antique store and there is no writing on the back, but I found this picture irresistible on many different levels.  Notice the water rushing in at the bottom of the picture.  The photographer was most likely getting pretty wet as he snapped this shot!

The girl’s bathing suit is pretty bare, and is probably mid 20s or later.   But she has on socks, or rolled storckings and bathing shoes which were beginning to lose favor by that time.  The little girl seems to be wearing shoes, too.

And though it is obviously hot weather, the boy and man was dressed in long sleeved shirts and long pants.   It’s still not quite appropriate to bare it all in one’s street clothes!

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Filed under Summer Sports, Vintage Photographs

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