1950s Bathing Dress

In the early 1950s, just when it looked like swimsuits were going to get even smaller, along came a return to modesty. Perhaps it was brought on by the Baby Boom, with all the new mothers looking for an attractive alternative to lastex and the two piece. At any rate, we got the ruffled skirt swimdress, with little bloomer panties attached.

This particular dress doesn’t have a label, but it is well made and very attractive. I’ve been scouring my 1950s fashion magazines trying to find it advertised. I haven’t found it, but I have learned a few things. First, plaid suits were very popular from about 1951 through 54, and then again at the end of the decade and into the 60s. Second, the ruffle suit was just one of the figure hiding alternatives of the early 50s. There were suits with bloomer bottoms and ones with little attached skirts. There continued to be available, matching skirts to wear over the bathing suit. And by the mid 50s, boy leg suits had really gained favor.

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