Does This Make My Butt Look Big?

The February, 1948 issue of Holiday magazine has the best article on the history of the swimsuit.  And I’ve always loved one particular suit, this one by Tina Leser.

“Out of the past come this bustle and full skirt of a modern poplin suit designed by Tina Leser for Warner Brothers star, Alexis Smith.  Because of its fullness and simplicity, it will be more popular on Eastern beaches than on the West Coast.”

I  never expected to actually find this particular suit because I wasn’t sure it was ever put into production,  given the text and the reference to Alexis Smith.  But this one came up on eBay two weeks ago.  It has the Tina Leser for Foreman label:

Another article of the late 1940s in Life magazine refers to the difference between what was popular on Eastern and on Western beaches.  It seems that Eastern bathers were a bit more conservative, and did require a bit more coverage than those on the West coast.  Not everyone, it seems, had the body to carry off the more revealing swimsuits seen in the movies!

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