Paris Themed Skirt

I guess I should call this one “Paris Crime Wave” with the robbery and the crook being chased by the gendarme.  But it also has all the sophistication one would expect from a late 1950s Parisian street scene – Eiffel Tower in the background with sidewalk cafes, cobblestone streets  and the existential-looking couple.

I think that lots of people still go to Paris expecting to see scenes like this, taken straight out of An American in Paris or Funny Face.  No wonder so many people end up being disappointed with the real Paris of today.  It’s really hard to get past the images and romantic themes planted in our minds by these old classic musicals.  But look past the heavy traffic and crowds, and whatever else unpleasant you may find in Paris, and the Eiffel Tower is still there, overlooking dozens of cafes.  Wear a tight skirt and tie a scarf arond your neck, and the rest is up to you!

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One response to “Paris Themed Skirt

  1. Em

    Though perhaps too starry-eyed from watching far too many vintage movies, I still found Paris and most of France to be quite a magical place. I was reading Bill Bryson’s At Home, and was impressed all over again with Eiffel Tower and what an amazing feat of engineering it really was (BB always has so many obscure details about every topic).


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