Paris? New York? Does it matter?

The seller of this skirt called it a 1950s Scenes of Paris skirt.  Well, I knew that wasn’t right, because the last time I was there, I saw no skyscrapers, and I’m sure there were none when this skirt was made in the late 1950s or early 60s.

But the description said that this was a scene from the Rue de la Paix.  I didn’t argue, I just hit the BIN button and sent the payment.  When the skirt came, it turns out that the Rue de la Paix reference is the name on one of the restaurants.  There was also the “Cork Club (Stork Club) and “121”  (or “21”).  So what was the Rue de la Paix, besides a street in Paris, that is?

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Filed under Novelty Prints, Vintage Clothing

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