Fashion Journal – What We Wore in North Carolina

If you are any where near Raleigh in the next year, you really do owe it to yourself to drop by the State Museum of History to see this well presented exhibit.  The items were carefully chosen and beautifully presented.  Another bonus – this museum is free, as opposed to similar exhibits I’ve seen in the past few years, where the entry fee was as high as $12.  Not that I mind paying, but it is really nice to be able to just walk in and see this one exhibit without worrying about “getting one’s money’s worth” and thus spending  the entire day seeing the whole museum.

Which wouldn’t be a bad idea, in the case of our state museum.  There is a great little exhibit on the top floor called “The Attic” which has, well, stuff you might find in an attic, including some very nice clothing and textiles. And if you are sports minded, there is the NC Sports Hall of Fame.  Lots of great older sports uniforms in that one.

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