Beach Beauties, or a Farewell to Summer

This 1940s postcard shows the Boardwalk at Carolina Beach, NC.  This was a Blue Collar beach, and the look is a bit seedy.  I’ve been to Carolina Beach only one time, many years ago, so I went on a net search to see if the Boardwalk is still around.  Turns out that is is, sort of.  The boards have been replaced with concrete, and most of the attractions have been replaced with restaurants and bars.

And it seems that in recent years there have been some image problems, stemming from the beach’s reputation as a vacation spot for the working man.  The town leaders have been trying to give it a more upscale image in order to attract investment dollars, and succeeded in getting a Marriott Courtyard built adjacent to the old Boardwalk area.

The move was so unpopular that three members of the town council that voted to allow buildings over three stories in the area, were not re-elected.  Turns out that some people love Carolina Beach for what it is, and see no need for another Myrtle Beach.

I bought this postcard after seeing a great little book, Beach Beauties, Postcards and Photographs, 1890-1940, by Beth Dunlop.  The trouble with buying postcards is that shopping for them is time consuming.  Many dealers don’t bother to separate then according to topic, and so it’s a needle in a haystack hunt.  Still, I’ll be on the lookout for more…

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