What to Wear on Fall hike

I just got this old postcard last week, and I just love it!  It’s not dated, but it’s sometime in the early 1920s.  Note that the women in front are wearing knickers, but that at least one woman is wearing a skirt.  That had to be an improvement on the way this would have looked just 15 years prior, with the women wearing corsets and skirts to the ankles!

The hikers are on the Mt. Pisgah hike, which is the mountain in the background.  The starting point is the Pisgah Inn, which was built  in 1919.  By that time, the area was national forest land, having been purchased from the Vanderbilts in 1914.  The Vanderbilts also had a hunting lodge in the area, and at one time, there was a trail all the way from the Biltmore Estate, which is in Asheville, about 15 miles away.

Today, to get there, you travel on the Blue Ridge Parkway.  You still have to hike to get to the top of the mountain, though.  It’s an easy jaunt most of the way, with the last half mile or so being a bit tougher.  But on a clear day, you get the feeling of sitting on top of the world!

I took this photo on Thursday. I hadn’t planned to be anywhere near Pisgah, but found myself there anyway.

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