Slip into a Bradley and Out-of-Doors!

I bought this 1922 Bradley catalogue because Bradley was a maker of wool knit swimsuits, and I wanted it as a dating reference.  But just as great as the swimsuits are all the wonderful sweaters.  Their slogan just sums it up:  Slip into a Bradley and out-of-doors.

Knits really began to catch on as a fashion item in the 1920s, but they continued to be, for the most part, in the sportswear category.  As the catalogue put it: “There is a Bradley exactly suited to every outdoor activity – for the mountains or shore, golf links or tennis court – sturdy ones for sturdy wear – stylish ones for sheer style’s sake, with beauty, health and comfort expresses in every one.”  You can’t ask any more of a sweater than that!

1920s sweaters are pretty hard to find, probably for the same reason that the bathing suits are not overly common, and that is that the moths loved them.  I do have two in my collection, which you might like to see.  Now it’s time to slip into a sweater and out-of-doors!


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