Currently Reading: The Stork Club

If you were in New York City, the answer would probably be “The Stork Club”.  Called “the New Yorkiest spot in New York,” one went to the Stork Club to see and to be seen.  All through the 1930s, 40s and 50s, the club was frequented by the rich and famous.  I recently ran across this book, written by reporter Ralph Blumenthal, and it was so fascinating, I couldn’t put it down!

The Stork Club began as a speakeasy in 1929, and became a legal club when Prohibition ended.  It was the hangout of columist Walter Winchell, and his writings made the place’s reputation.  The owner, Sherman Billingsley, had Stork Club gifts made, which he freely gave away to favored guests.  So if you happen to run across a Stork Club compact, lipstick case or perfume, you know you have a relic of someone’s visit to the best club in town!  Just beware, as there are replica pocket mirrors.

The club was so popular that it got its own television show in 1950, which was filmed live in the club.  But by the late 50s the club was beginning to fade.  Billingsley had big Union trouble, and patrons had to cross the picket line to enter the club.  It closed in 1964.

My New York skirt has a parody of the Stork Club – the Cork Club!

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