Currently Reading: Bare Blass

I’m a fashion book junkie.  I never pass up fashion books in used book stores, in antique stores, or in the Goodwill.  If it’s one I don’t have, I usually keep it; if I already have it, I offer it for sale on my website.  I have two books today – one will not be sold because it’s a keeper.  The other one won’t be sold because I’d be embarrassed to sell anything so bad!

The first book is Bare Blass, the autobiography that Bill Blass was working on when he died.  I’ve had this little book for a while and just had not gotten around to reading it until this week.  What a joy!  The book is full of juicy tidbits of fashion history and gossip.  If there is a weakness, it is because, unfortunately, Mr. Blass was dying of cancer as the book was being written, and the last chapters are a bit empty.  But get this book, and get a great insight on one of the most private men in 20th century fashion.

The second book is Coco: The Novel  It’s a fictionalized version of Chanel’s life.  After the first three chapters, I was asking, “Who cares?”  And there are graphic sex scenes that are so silly that I laughed out loud.  So I guess it isn’t a total loss.  Amazon has it for sale for one cent.  Really.

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