Time to Hit the Trails

Time to dust off the boots and do a bit of springtime hiking!  Actually, winter is a great time for hiking in the mountains too, if rain or snow isn’t forecast.  But I love spring and fall best, when the days are crisp, and before the snakes really get going!

This picture shows a view of Mt. Mitchell, the highest peak in North America, east of the Mississippi.  It’s not much of a hike really; you can drive practically to the top, and then it is an easy walk to the top.  For years there has been an old stone tower up there, but it has been demolished in order for a new observation platform to be build.  Actually, it seems a bit pointless, as the platform will only be 10 feet off the ground!

The postcard is probably from the early 1930s.  The seated woman is wearing slacks, and the girls look like they may even be wearing a uniform of sorts.  I’ve never seen this particular postcard with a postmark, but the motor road in the background was built in 1922.  In 1928 it was the scene of a famous motor car race.

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