Ad Campaign – Overland Cars

“Highway and byway; woods and water; change and rest; health and tan; freedom and happiness; comfort and economy – all are yours in the new Overland.”

This ad from 1923 is from the Willy-Overland Company of Toledo Ohio – the forerunner of Jeep.  For several years during the 1910s, Overland was the second largest car company in the US.  By the mid 1920s the company was in trouble, and a year later, the Overland was no longer made.  The company did remain in business, producing other lines, and in the 1940s, developed the Jeep for war use.

I love the idea of just packing up the entire family (dog included) into the Overland, finding a shady spot by a lake and setting up camp!  “Travel with comfort.  Travel with pride.  Travel with economy.  Drive an Overland and realize the difference.”

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