Actually, It’s NOT a Funky Plaid Turban Rain, Beach Hat Very Cool

I found this on eBay – Heaven only knows how as it was in the wrong category and even worse, in an eBay store.  The seller was on the right track, as this is a beach hat, or cap, but it is much older than she suspected.  I’ve been looking for one for a very long time, and this one just popped up on my screen.

When I first discovered eBay eight years ago, I’d come home from work, pour myself a cup of coffee, and sit at the computer for 30 minutes and read through ALL the new vintage listings for the day.  And this was before gallery images, so I had to actually read the titles.  All vintage items were in one category – shoes, clothes, accessories, and there were no era divisions.  Rarely was anything newer than 1965 even listed, and for the most part, items were correctly dated.

But as eBay grew, so did the interest in vintage clothing.  People saw how much money was to be made off what was perceived as thrift store finds.  In the early days of eBay, most people selling vintage clothing were long-time vintage dealers.  Now it’s anyone who finds something that looks old and funky or cool.

After the listings started to grow and I could no longer look at each one, I came up with some search terms.  One I used was “Mod.”  I found some great stuff using that word – a Mary Quant dress from 1966 and several pairs of great mid 1960s flats.  But now, try using “Mod” as a search term in the vintage category.  As of this minute, it returned 4887 items, including one in the 1920-1937 sub-category!  Of course, the dress in question is not mod, nor is it from the 1920s – it’s an early 70s maxi dress!

Needless to say, I don’t use Mod as a search term any longer, but I do have a few that I use regularly, and THAT is how I found this not funky but definitely cool swim cap!

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