White Stag Play-mates

One of my all-time favorite labels has to be White Stag.  The company was originally Hirsch-Weiss Canvas Products, the products being tents and sails.  In the 1920s they got into the sportswear business when they started making making jackets for the very new sport of snow skiing.  They quickly became a leading producer of ski-wear, and in 1948 they were the company that produced Emilio Pucci’s first line.

Also in the 1940s, White Stag began making sports clothes out of their canvas.  This ad, from 1951, shows what they did best – colorful and durable clothing meant for an active life.  You’ve got to love those colors with the white top-stitching.

But for clothing that was so made to last, why is it that it is so hard to find today?  I’m always on the look out for White Stag Sun Togs, and I’m always thrilled to find a piece or two.  And usually when I do find it, the condition of the fabric is very good.  That stuff was meant to last!

Today, White Stag is one of the Wal-mart brands.  Need I say more?

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