A Freedom …We Never Knew Before

For a very long time I’ve been trying to find a pair of early Keds.  I  have even  been looking for the ads thinking I guess that if I couldn’t have a pair, at least I could look at pictures of them.  From time to time a pair will come up on ebay, but the condition is usually very poor, and then they always go sky-high anyway.  I almost broke down and bought a pair of keds-wanna-bes that I found in an antique mall, but the same two-fold problem presented itself – they were in terrible condition and priced at $75.

Last week a fellow VFG member had a pair of 1920s canvas shoes which I gladly bought from her.  Imagine my surprise and extreme delight when they arrived today:

That’s right!  They are Keds, and even better, I have an ad from 1922 that features them:

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