Cannon Terry Topper

Wednesday I took a little trip to Winston-Salem to deliver a beagle for a dog rescue group I work with.  After getting Winnie to her foster mother, I was able to explore some of the local antique malls.  In one I found this cute early 1960s Terry Topper, newer worn, and still in the bag.  There was no point in looking to see if it was made in the USA, because of course it was.  At the time this top was made,  textiles was a booming business in North Carolina, and Cannon was one of the largest and most famous.

Cannon was located in Kannapolis, NC, and for years it was one of the country’s leading producers of towels.  When the plant closed in 2003, 7650 people lost their jobs.  In the years following the bankruptcy and closure of the company, the Cannon name has been liscensed, and now “Cannon” towels are made in Asia.

The only thing that I do not like about this Terry Topper is the design.  That’s not exactly true, as I do like the seashells.  But what I’d really love to find is the hat design pictured on the paper label.  Now that is cute!

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