Matson Knows the Pacific

Today we take travel to almost anywhere in the world for granted, but during WWII, travel was greatly curtailed.  Ocean liners were turned into troop transports, car manufacturers turned to making military vehicles, gas and tires were rationed, and the world in general was just too scary to travel in.

But after the war ended  it didn’t take long for the travel industry to hop back on its feet.  As early as 1946 European countries were encouraging Americans to bring their dollars and visit.  It took a while for the cruise lines to get back up to speed, as all the ships had to be refitted and refurbished.  This ad for the Matson Line dates from 1950.  Matson was one of the main lines that sailed to Hawaii.

I first got a view of crusing when the Mickey Mouse Club Show sent several cast members on a cruise to Hawaii.  Growing up in the mountains, I’d never even seen the ocean, and the thought of having a little stateroom with a porthole view of the Pacific to myself, as Annette did, was more than a little appealing.  And the thought is still attractive, especially after a long cold winter!

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