Remembering the Middy

You don’t read much about middies these days.  After all, they haven’t been a real fashion item since they made a brief comeback sometime in the mid 1980s.  But I got curious about the middy after Maggie at denisebrain and Ang of dorotheascloset both had the same 1920s middy, but in different colors.  And all the time I thought middies were white!

Anyway, I’ve been reading up, collecting photos, doing my homework, and now I have a new photo essay devoted to the middy.   I really find it interesting how a garment that was so much a part of girls’ lives could just disappear.  The middy was comfortable and it looked cute, but ultimately, the big flapping collar and the loose hem that tended to expose the torso, was just not as practical as it first seemed.  Gymsuits became the practical affairs of the 30s through the 70s, and the middy was left to make occasional appearances in fashion.

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  1. paul

    i like the old gym suits the where good for gym & swimming in
    if i could find one my size i would wear one now !
    they are nice to wear.

    (email address deleted)


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