Camp Attire, 1910s

I ran across these vintage photos in a stack I bought a while back.  I broke a few rules when I bought them, as I had vowed to buy only those with the place and people identified, and to buy only those of North Carolina localities.  But these were just too good to pass on.

It’s hard to say with any real certainty, but these appear to be from the late 1910s.  The women all have long hair, and those not in bloomers have on long dresses.  I know nothing about cars, but the ones in the background look to be from the teens as well.

What I love about the top photo is the woman in the long bloomers.  The short bloomers that the other two are wearing are really pretty common in the vintage clothing market, but I’ve never seen a pair of the long ones.  I knew they were made, as I’ve seen them in old catalogs.  The next illustration is from a 1919 Butterick sewing pattern catalog.  The outfit was referred to as a “bloomer dress” and could be made either long or short.  Note the broom in her hand.  This was NOT an outfit to be seen in!

This last one does not seen to be the same camping party, but it is still interesting to compare this photo to the postcards in my previous post.  No fancy garden party dresses here!

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