Carolyn Schnurer for SpringMaid

One of my favorite things about having my website and journal is that I get interesting email from people with like interests.  Last week, I got a fantastic one from Lisa of Deja Vu Antiques.  She had seen my article on the SpringMaid Pin-up fabric, and wrote to say she had a swimsuit from what she thought was the Harem or Persian fabric.  Not only that, but the suit was from designer Carolyn Schnurer, one of the sportswear greats from the 1940s and 50s.

Close Ups of the fabric:

What an interesting print.  The pin-ups aren’t as “in your face” as they are in the originals, and I can imagine that the original wearer got more than one double-take as the print suddenly dawned on the person admiring her suit.  This print has a really interesting history, so if you haven’t read the article, you might find it to be fun.

You can still find the fabric from time to time.  I ran across some of the original at a flea market several years ago, and I’ve seen it surface on eBay.  And there was a full line of sportswear produced by Cole of California.

Lisa also shared this great Schnurer dress with me, modeled by the lovely Ms. Sara Rott.  Schnurer and her business partner husband were great travelers, and she was obviously influenced by what she saw in other cultures.

So now, with all the other writing I’ve got planned, I *have* to fit in a new article on Carolyn Schnurer.  If anyone has any sources they would like to share, I’d love to know about them!

All photos copyright Deja Vu Antiques


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2 responses to “Carolyn Schnurer for SpringMaid

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  2. KeLLy Ann

    What a beautiful print!
    That bathing suit is over the moon!


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