Travel the World Skirt


Here’s my latest travel themed skirt, which, because of the hot air balloon, immediately made me think of the Jules Verne classic.  I got this from Jenn, at Hatfeathers Vintage, and was really delighted with it when I pulled it from the package  (Okay, I ripped it from the package…)  It’s whimsical and sweet, a perfect addition to my collection of skirts.

It’s really funny that I named this one Around the World in Eighty Days, because when I emailed Jenn to tell how happy I was with the skirt, I got this reply:

When I picked it up, I took it straight to Mom to see if it was similar to one she had as a child.  I have a pic of her in a very full skirt, sitting on the steps of her childhood home.  She was about 10-12 yrs old, but still remembers the print.  She called it something like an “Around the World in 80 Days” theme, and recalled hot air balloons, trains and such.  No luck, but it sure was closer than I’ve ever come.


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2 responses to “Travel the World Skirt

  1. I just happened to find this picture while googling for hot air balloon print fabric and OMG. If you still have it & are ever interested in selling it, please feel free to drop a fellow novelty print lover a line!! 🙂


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