Sportswear, 1930s

The Summer Olympics have begun, and I’m not watching.  But it is appropriate to do a little posting on sportswear.  Sometimes I get odd looks when I tell people that I collect vintage sportswear.  I think they picture lots of old track suits and football uniforms.  And while I do have the odd vintage gymsuit, by sportswear, I mean, for the most part, that clothing which was worn for casual wear.

I can’t find a better example that the 1930s photo above.  The girl is Miss Marion Finley Johnson, and I’m pretty sure she lived in the Atlanta area, but that is all I know about her.  Oh, and the fact that she knew how to dress.  Her look is perfect, from the tilted hat to the piped shirt, to the white linen skirt to the tips of her white shoes.  Contrast her to the all white companions coming up from behind, though one woman does get extra points for the crisp slacks.

The 1930s never looked better!

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