Dressing for Travel

This great ad came from the November 15, 1940 issue of Vogue. It’s a girdle advertisement!  If a woman got on a commercial flight dressed like that in 2008, she’d be the subject of much discussion.  But don’t they look sharp, with the crisp suits and low heeled shoes?

Today you are much more likely to see someone in her pajamas than in a suit.  And while I’ll be the first person to agree that comfort is important on a flight, I will also argue the point that it is possible to be comfortable and not look as though you just rolled out of bed.   How about dressing in knits that can be easily dressed up or down.  I have an old stand-by – a black tee-shirt dress in a soft knit.  Nothing could be more comfortable, but it also looks like I’m going somewhere important, instead of looking like I’m wandering around the house, stumbling toward the refrigerator for a midnight snack!

As a whole, we are much more casual in our dress, but all it takes is a trip to a public shopping place to see that is not necessarily a good thing.  When it gets to the point where everyone on the street is wearing the same uniform (tee shirt, sloppy shorts or pajama bottoms, and flip-flops) then I’ve got to think something great has been lost to us.

I bought a cute little scooter dress from vintageclothesline earlier this summer.  It’s casual, but neat.  It’s bright and cheery, and I wear pink sandals with it.  And every single time I’ve worn it I’ve had strangers stop me to ask where I got it.  It’s time to make a stand – wear vintage and rebell against the bland uniform of today!


Posted by @–>–Marites R:

you are right, i’ve seen people wearing clothes on plane like they’ve just gotten out of the bed and sometimes, I really find it discourteous to other passengers. i love the dress in this post:)

Monday, August 25th 2008 @ 6:54 AM

Posted by The Red Velvet Shoe:

Thank you! It only takes a bit of effort & forethought into looking put together, and the quality of vintage lines makes it even easier. Loved this post~~I wish we could email to everyone on the planet, at least in the US!

Wednesday, August 27th 2008 @ 7:35 PM


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