Thinking Inside the Box

Three years agoI bought this great Detmer Woolens sample box while on a  shopping excursion to Columbia, SC.  At the time I was newly retired and off and running to visit every town I’d ever passed through and not had time to shop in!  Columbia turned out to be a favorite, and I’ve returned several times since then.

On my last trip, I was dismayed to discover that the huge antique mall where I purchased this lovely box has gone out of business.  It’s a sign of the times, unfortunately.  I can name quite a few antique malls who seem to be struggling, with empty spaces and reduced inventory.  But, quite remarkably, many malls continue to thrive.  Of the seven I visited in Columbia three years ago, six are alive and doing well.  It would be interesting to know why some are doing so well, while others flounder.

Anyway, I plan to do all my Christmas shopping in secondhand venues.  I love the recycling aspect of shopping secondhand, and the truth is, old things just have character.  Shopping in some of the big home decorating stores just leave me cold, with their imported merchandise that looks very similar to that of their competitors, and strangely similar to what can be found in the big close out and import discounters.

So now I have a reason to hit the antique malls in the next few weeks.  It’s a win-win situation!


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3 responses to “Thinking Inside the Box

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  2. Love the box. The picture is fabulous!

    I try to do all of my present shopping while thrifting or through vintage and craft online sellers. The big stores annoy me too.


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