Styled for Sonja Henie


photo courtesy of whereitsatvintage

I was recently thrilled to spot and “win” this great ski suit on eBay.  I bought it from MJ and Walter at wearitsatvintage more proof that you can still find some fantastic things on eBay.  I’ve been wanting an item with the Sonja Henie label ever since I saw –  and lost – a skating outfit last year.

I learned about Sonja Henie from my mother.  She remembered going to see her skating movies, and then going home to try out her skating moves.  Only Mom didn’t ice skate.  It wasn’t a big thing here in North Carolina.  But she did roller skate, and she loved Sonja Henie’s movies.

She wasn’t the only fan.  For years after winning her last Olympic gold metal in 1936, Sonja starred in movies and in a touring skating production called the Hollywood Ice Review.  She became wildly popular, and even had deals to license her name on clothing, jewelry and toys.  I’m not sure of the dates, but this suit is from the early 40s, probably around the time she made what is likely her best known film, Sun Valley Serenade.

from Hollywood Ice Productions program, 1941

The ski suit is very special, with lots of details that you can expect to find only in a vintage item.  My favorite detail?  The lining, which is printed in a skiing novelty print!

Read more about vintage ski attire.


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  3. You might like this older post I did which has some info on Sonja Henie, she was very pretty and had an interesting life.


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