Thrifting Adventures

I had some time to waste yesterday so I went to the local Goodwill clearance center. If you don’t have one in your area, the Goodwill workers throw into these big bins all the stuff they think will not sell in the regular store, plus stuff that has been in the store for a while but has not sold. I usually find vintage fabrics there, but I know a woman who has found some really nice vintage clothing.

Anyway, that woman was there, and she was talking to another woman, both of whom were looking for vintage. The second woman said she had found some great stuff in the bins, including a 1950s Dior couture dress. When I expressed some reservations about that, she said that she had compared her label to that of some experts on-line who had this great label thing! Yes, she was talking about the VFG Label Resource.  What a coincidence!

Anyway, she said the dress was in the car, so she took me out to look. There, in a cute little vintage suticase was a Dior couture little black dress, from around 1959-62 or so. It was just surreal.   In 20 years of thrifting, I can honestly say that I’ve never spotted a piece of vintage couture.
Then this gal procedes to tell me she has a storage building full of designer and vintage stuff she has squirreled away, including a classic Chanel suit (and yes, she’s sure it is the Chanel couture label.)  She even invited over to take a look at all her finds.  That should be fun!

So how did a piece of French couture end up in the bargain bin?   I’m thinking that because the Goodwill sorter did not see a label (it is in the waist)  and the dress was clearly “homemade,” that it went into the bin. Also, on the front there is a flower made from the dress fabric and it is badly smushed.  This dress obviously did not belong in the store on the rack next to the Kathy Lee and the Sag Harbor designer frocks!

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