The Fashionable Scottie

I’m a big Scottie fan.  Our own little Spooky is half Scottie, and having him has just made me love his family even more.  The Scottie’s big heyday was the 1930s, with his likeness being used for everything from advertising to greeting cards, to home decorative accessories.  In the 30s, if a picture contained a dog, chances were it was a Scottie.

Many people assume that it was President Roosevelt’s famous Scottie, Fala, that let to the fad for Scotties. But Fala wasn’t born until 1940, years after the Scottie had become the most fashionable dog in America.

By the 1950s, the Scottie was passe, and the French Poodle was all the rage.   The poodle even had her own skirt!  But the Scottie never went totally away, and in the late 1980s there was a resurgance of the Scottie’s cuteness being emblazoned across sweaters and household trinkets.

At the present time, the Lab is the country’s most popular dog.  It’s easy to see why, as the Lab is a truly wonderful breed, with a friendly disposition and a playful nature.  This popularity is reflected in our media, with ads showing toilet tissue being compared to the softness of a Lab puppy.  And  Christmas cards are full of Labs in the snow, Labs with Santa, and Labs asleep by a cozy fire.  Beautiful, but how does one top this for pure joyful enthusiasm?

All illustrations are from vintage cards in my personal collection.

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