From Anne Spadea Combs

I received a lovely letter and some photos from Anne Spadea Combs last week.  The photo above is of her parents, Jean and James Spadea.  The photo was taken sometime in the mid 1950s.  Anne said her father always wore a hat, often a beret!

She also sent a copy of an invitation to a Jean Spadea Retrospective which was held at the Stover Mill Gallery.  The cover of the card has a self portrait Jean painted in 1936.  Inside are examples of Jean’s work from the 1920s through the 70s.

Finally, I want to share a photo of Anne.  Anne and her brother and sister were all artists.  Sculpting was Anne’s talent.  As a little girl, she watched her mother sculpt mannequins for Bonwit Teller, and at the age of 39, Anne began sculpting herself.  She did over 100 pieces before “retiring” at 75.

Illustrations copyright Anne Spadea Combs


Posted by Kevin J Solar:

I’m the nephew of Sarah Spadea Black, Jean Spadeas’ daughter. I was not aware of the history behind this fine woman. It is good of you to tell her story. I was at the Stover Mill Gallery where I met Mrs. Spadea and her husband James. I was about 8 yrs. old. Very interesting. Thank You.

Monday, March 16th 2009 @ 9:38 PM

Posted by Seija:

You Have Great pages! I sew 40´s and 50´s glothes and i love old times! Have i nice spring! Greetings from Finland!:)

Sunday, April 5th 2009 @ 10:16 AM


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4 responses to “From Anne Spadea Combs

  1. Jody

    The headline should be “Jean Miller
    Spadea” . Anne Spadea Combs is her daughter. My husband is the son of Anne Spadea Combs.


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