First Flea of the Season

I hope you can see that the above display is 3-D.  The young woman wearing her Kedettes is sitting on two boxes that are  printed to look like piles of luggage.  That is the best thing I did not buy last week at the “new” Metrolina Flea Market.

I’ve been going to Metrolina now since 2003.  It has been well worth the two and a half hour drive, the battling of the Charlotte traffic, and the long day that starts at 5 am and ends at 10 pm.  But for some reason unknown to me, the group that has conducted the show since 2004, DMG Antiques Shows, pulled out of Metrolina and have set up at the Concord Convention Center, 30 miles and 45 minutes down the road from me.  The show at Metrolina is now the Charlotte International Collectibles and Antiques Fair.  And they were both held last weekend.

So what happens when you take one really good show and divide it into two?  You get two passable shows.  To be fair, I never did make it to Concord, but from what I’ve heard, it was a shadow of its former self.  But I can say what was wrong at Metrolina.

First, they are still allowing imported junk to be sold as antiques, though I did not see any fake designer handbags this time.

Second, there were perhaps 1/3 of the usual outdoor vendors, and the outdoors is where the bargains usually lurk.

And finally, most of the vendors are the same ones who are there every month.  The people who have just been doing the twice-a-year special shows were pretty much not there, and I’m assuming they were either at Concord, or they decided it just was not worth the trip.

On the flip side, I spotted some very nice items, and sales seemed to be brisk.  Attendence was very good.  My favorite booth was a guy who had bought the contents of an old department store in Beaufort, SC.  He had lots of vintage displays like the Kedettes one above.  I passed on it, but did pick up some sweet counter cards:

I have several pairs of Summerettes in my collection, and 1960s Buskins are some of the cutest shoes ever!

I’d love to hear from anyone who did make it to Concord.


Posted by Stacey:

Love the counter cards- especially the last two. The graphics are stunning!
I hate to hear that about the Charlotte show. I’ve never been but have always heard great things about it… 

Wednesday, April 8th 2009 @ 8:10 AM

Posted by Lucitebox:

Oh, Lizzie! I love those. The giant Kedettes sign is fabulous. I can see why it might be a little hard to manage a store display like that. I mean, I’d have nowhere to put it, but I’d be thrilled to look at it. I guess that sometimes it’s just good to have a record of the thing rather than the actual item.
Good scores!
Now I can’t help but realize I need some Summer easy shoes like these. My feets are too wide usually, though. 

Wednesday, April 8th 2009 @ 9:01 AM

Posted by Lizzie:

Thanks ladies. I knew these would be appreciated. Holly, I seriously wanted the Kedettes display, but he wanted $50 for it, which cheap me thought was a bit much. And they and Summerettes are fantastic shoes – just the thing for summer. 

Wednesday, April 8th 2009 @ 3:56 PM

Posted by Marie:

Sorry I missed you at the show. I must have spent an hour at this guys booth. He told me to put together a lot and he would give me a good price. NOT. After picking through everything-and I too loved that Ked’s display-his prices were way too high! But I loved looking::sigh:: My favorite thing he had was the giant goose display with the golden eggs. It brought back memories of my mom taking me to buy shoes when I was a kid. 

Friday, April 24th 2009 @ 6:44 AM

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