Travel Diary, 1927

I love old journals and diaries, and I look for them at shows and on eBay when I’m motivated.  Usually they are priced out of my range, but I did get this one several years ago.  It was cheap, probably because the covers are in terrible shape, but take a look at the wonderful graphics within!

The book itself was published in 1914 (NOT a good time to be selling diaries for a trip to Europe, which is probably why there was still a supply of them in 1927!) by Kiggins & Tooker.  The diary was kept by Louise Mary Browne, who appears to be about 12 or 13.  She, along with her mother, father, and two brothers sailed on June 25, 1927 on the Carmania.  They arrived in La Harve on July 3, and began a trip across Europe that lasted at least until August 19th.

I say “at least” because that is where the diary abruptly stops, in mid sentence while describing the Tate Gallery.  I can imagine that she was exhausted, having been all over France, Italy, Switzerland, Germany, Holland and England!  And her mother certainly was, trying to keep up with three kids and do all the sightseeing.  It seems like one or another of the brothers was always sick.  It’s truly an amazing read, just to see how much ground they covered, and to learn what was most important to this young girl.  Lunch seems to have played a major role in each day!


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3 responses to “Travel Diary, 1927

  1. Em

    What a find! I’d love to see a few sample pages of her writing. Though I mostly keep it for my own notes in case I revisit a city or a country, I love keeping a travel journal.


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