Camp Dellwood, Part II

Back in February I posted a photo from the early 1930s of a group of campers from Camp Dellwood.  Since then I’ve heard from three people who attended or worked at the camp.  Margaret Crum, who is the daughter-in-law of the last owners of the camp let me know that it closed in 1973.

And a former camper sent me these great photos taken from her time at the camp, the late 60s and early 70s.  According to her, the campers wore white on Sundays.  It looks like from the photos, that there were no other real restrictions on dress; the girls are wearing sportswear typical of the times.  No middies and bloomers for this bunch of modern girls!  Some of them do seem to wearing proper riding attire, but who could resist the opportunity to wear those great boots?!

Photos courtesy of a former camper, Dellwood and Hemlock
Newsletters, 1969-1972


Posted by Beverly Griffin:

I truly enjoyed seeing this page. When I saw the first picture, I was absolutely positive that the second child from the front was me. Then I saw that the contributing camper attended Dellwood over a decade after I did. Oh well! Cheers, Bev

Sunday, August 23rd 2009 @ 8:53 PM


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12 responses to “Camp Dellwood, Part II

  1. Doreen

    4 of us from Delaware attended Camp Dellwood around 1958-we flew Piedmont airlines to Tri City (I think)-I absolutely fell in love with the NC mountains and swore I would live there one day-not quite but I have lived in Durham NC for 40 years!! My memories include going on a field trip to see Unto these Hills and sleeping up the mountain on a deck like thing waking up to a black bear rustling in the woods-this week we have a house rented in Maggie Valley up in the mountains – I can’t wait to return although I hear that condos are built where the camp used to be.
    Wow-what great memories!


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  3. Kati

    I attended a Girl Scout camp by the same name in Indianapolis in the early 90s and it’s funny how those photos could have been taken of my cohort, just probably in color.


  4. Bruce Hurley

    I attended Camp Hemlock and remember well the dance we had with the Dellwood girls at the basketball court!


  5. Kim Greenwell

    I loved camp Dellwood! I attended in 1970-1971 maybe 1972? I have such fond memories! I do remember the Scotty dog making rounds at night to check on us and him getting sprayed a couple of times by a skunk. I loved the riding and archery and dances with camp hemlock.

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  6. Peggy Sauter

    So fun to find this! I attended Camp Dellwood in 1963 and just LOVED it! I was from Ohio and I learned to speak southern right quick! (I attended camp with one of my best friends whose mother was from Rockingham). I was stunned to receive a posture girl of the week “award” in my second week as it seemed the counselors were all all over me correcting my posture constantly! Bruce, I, too, remember well the dance with Hemlock at the basketball court. And Doreen, I had the same reaction to the southern mountains. I am now blessed to live in Asheville; these mountains have felt like home since that little ten year old learned to say, “yes, ma’am” and eat grits.

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  7. Anne Smart

    I was so happy to find these posts! I grew up in nearby Waynesville, NC, and attended Camp Dellwood every summer from the time I was seven years old until my early teens (1956-1963). I loved it all: Horseback riding, arts and crafts, swimming in that cold “lake” (big pond), singing by the campfires, and the dances with the Camp Hemlock boys – especially Jimmy Crum, the son of the camp owners. I had such a crush on him!
    Such fond memories – the highlight of my childhood summers!

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  8. Richard Lasky

    Went to Camp Delwood from 1952 through 1960.
    The camp was owned by my rabbi Isador Aaron
    and his partner Norman Wolfe . I have the most wonderful memories of my summers there.


    • Bruce Hurley

      Richard, I thought Dellwood was a girls’ camp. There are several camps with the same name. Was yours in North Carolina?


      • Anne Smart

        You are right, Bruce. Camp Dellwood in Maggie Valley NC was owned and operated by Fred and Leona Crum during the years I attended (1957-1964). It was a girls’ camp.


    • Warren Blanck

      was a camper at Dellwood from 1951 for the next 8 summers, second generation. My mother and her sister and brother also were campers….I think I was the youngest camper at Dellwood. Started when I was 3 1/2. My sister also went. This Dellwood was in Honesdale, Pa. I remember we would meet in Brooklyn and take buses to Honesdale.


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