My New Favorite Novelty Prints

Need I say more than what you can get from the photo?  This is the print of my dreams.  I found this at the Charlotte Flea Market on Friday, and at first I doubted that it was actually vintage, as the design is so modern.  But after doing a bit of research, and taking the info from the sales lady into consideration, I’m convinced this is from the early 60s.

It was made by the Leon B. Rosenblatt Textile Corporation, which dates at least to the late 1950s and seems to still be in business.  I could not, however find any Rosenblatt textiles that were actually for sale, and there is no website.  I did find a phone number, which is located in NYC, but the line is busy,busy, busy.

Anyhow, I’d be very surprised to learn that this was made in the last 30 years.  It just has the feel of a 60s cotton.  But I’m a big girl.  If you know more about this, please get in touch, even if the news is bad.  I can take it.

The bad news is that I only have the pieces you see above, and there is not even a complete repeat of the design.  This was an unfinished project, the beginnings of a beach bag perhap made from the scraps remaining from a beach cover-up.  I’ll be looking for more

And then there is this great early 60s golf print:

I pulled this out of the Goodwill clearance bins, and immediately thought of a print that Carol of Dandelion Vintage has for sale.  Actually  I thought they were the same until I compared my print with here.  A little different, but I’d think they were made by the same manufacturer.  My shirt has no label; Carol’s is by Evan Picone.  Both are super cute, and both have that great 19th Hole feature!

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