1920s Girl Campers

Before women wore long slacks, they wore knickers.  I just love the basketball sneakers the girl above is wearing, along with her white linen knickers and fancy stockings..

Both of these vintage photos are from camping cottages.  These were not organized summer camps for kids, but rather camps for families.

In the last half of the 19th century, camping became a form of recreation.  This was just a very few years after 1000s of Americans traveling across the Continent HAD to camp as a necessity of the westward journey!  In the East especially, camping clubs were formed, and camping communities established.  In these communities, permanent structures were built.  Some were quite luxurious, but most were like the ones you see here – small cottages or cabins with large sleeping porches.

There were several of these camping communities in the Great Smokies, the most famous one being Elkmont.  When the Great Smokies National Park was established, the owners of these cottages were allowed to hold the lease to their properties until 1992.  Now the remaining cottages are empty and the Park Service is trying to decide what to do with them.  I’m afraid their days are numbered, as the official stance seems to be to let the camping areas return to wilderness.  My guess is that is because wilderness is cheaper and easier to maintain than old wooden structures.  At any rate, it is a real shame.

This camper appears to be wearing a sweater in the style of a middy, along with knickers and stockings.  Do you see shoes??

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