Continuing with Davidow

Since finding the wonderful Davidow fabric, I thought I’d get out a Davidow suit I have.  This one is a beautiful silk tweed, in a color very close to the wool fabric.  This is typical Davidow, suits made from nice fabrics in the style of, or a direct copy of, Chanel.

It’s no big secret that they copied Chanel.  They paid for the honor of doing it, and it was well publicized.  The October 15, 1960 Vogue even did a feature on the Chanel styles for that fall, but the suits and coats in the photo shoot were all Davidow.

Photo copyright Conde Nast Publications, 1960

Read the small print to see “Suit copy by Davidow at Bonwit Teller.”  A while back someone posted the suit in the photo on a vintage chat board.  There was no label, but they thought it was a Chanel.  A close examination of the details showed it was not couture, and so was probably a Davidow copy!

And there has been a problem with selling these vintage Chanel copies on eBay, as the Chanel company automatically closes down any auction that says the item is a Chanel copy.  Well, this IS a Chanel copy, and it was done with Mademoiselle’s blessing, so it ought to be allowed.  Some people have very short memories!


Posted by Anonymous:

I am also a Davidow fan–and I remember the trunk shows that would come into our local Bullock’s in the 60’s, going to see them with my mom who eventually owned two suits.
Chanel copies? Doesn’t the inner construction and often unlined collar make them substantially different from Chanels?
Now I just hoard every one that I find, and they won’t be going up for sale either!;)

Saturday, September 19th 2009 @ 8:37 PM

Posted by Jen:

(oops, that is my comment–didn’t mean to be anonymous!!!)

Saturday, September 19th 2009 @ 8:39 PM

Posted by Lizzie:

Hi Jen, What a great memory. The design was copied, but there was no way Davidow could copy the construction at the price they sold suits. Not cheap by any means, but not the price of a couture garment.

Sunday, September 20th 2009 @ 5:19 AM


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One response to “Continuing with Davidow

  1. Hello! I just this evening purchased a beautiful red and navy wool suit in a reversed and exaggerated houndstooth check pattern which has the Davidow hanging tape on the skirt. The label in the neck of the jacket is from one of Wichita’s finest department stores of days gone by. Lewin’s was a beautiful store, and carried only the finest in ready to wear as well as tailored clothing. This is my first Davidow purchase. I would love to know more about its value. Any suggestions?


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