1920s Campsite – Morning.

I’ve found some really wonderful vintage photos lately, everything from 1910s girls playing tennis to family camping scenes.  This one is a favorite.  Just because you are out in the woods and living in a tent does not mean that you should not wear your favorite nightgown and cap.

For the past several nights I’ve been glued to the TV, watching the PBS series on our national parks.  It’s a fascinating story about how the park system came to be, and anyone who does not believe that one person can make a difference in the world needs to watch this.  Many of our parks owe their existance to the efforts of one individual.

But to me, the most interesting part was a scrapbook that a woman from Nebraska had kept.  She and her husband started visiting the parks in the late 1910s, and they continued to travel around the country visiting the parks until his death in the late 30s.  The changes she notes are just staggering.  In the early days they had the parks practically to themselves, but the advent of the automobile made the parks accessible by many more people.  Travelers would camp just where ever they could find a spot to park.  Trash became a serious problem, along with traffic congestion and air quality.

It’s been really interesting watching the women’s clothing, too.  No nightgowns, that I’ve spotted yet!

More later; it’s time for my show!

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