Cocktail Time with Vera

It’s possible that I’ve shown off these great napkins already, but I can’t remember, so here they are.  After posting the 50s towels last week, I thought I’d better give equal time to the 60s.  And in the 60s, nobody did cocktail better than Vera Neumann.  I bought the napkins above even though they match absolutely nothing else in my kitchen.  No matter, any design that great belongs with me.  I keep thinking that I’ll run across about 20 more of them and then I’ll have enough to use at Christmas.  Of course, I usually decorate with blue for Christmas, but with napkins like these, I might make an exception.

I also have some fabulous pink cocktail napkins from Vera:

I’m not a pink kind of gal at all, but again, one cannot argue with perfection.

And now, I’ve found yet another Vera must-have:

These dishes were produced by Mikasa, and were called, “Cocktail Time.”  I only have three of them, and it is my understanding that there are also two more designs: cherries, and green apples.   I’d really appreciate a heads up if any of you spot some of these for sale.

While on the topic of Vera, You may be interested to know that the Vera Company has been writing a book on the life and work of Vera Neumann.  The book is supposed to be ready in March, when it will be for sale at Anthropologie for three months, and then will go into wider distribution.  And if you are not reading the Vera blog, you must put that one on your list of regular reads.


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7 responses to “Cocktail Time with Vera

  1. Nancy Fikkert

    I have 3 Vera plates. Orange, watermelon and apple. They each have 3 little spots on the back, but are otherwise perfect


  2. Debbie Curci

    I have two sets of Vera for Miksassa 8 piece cocktail sets. They are in new condition, I never took them out of the box. Are you interested in purchasing them?


    • David

      Debbie, did you ever sell those 2 sets. I was just curious because I have one myself and have no idea of what it is worth. If you have any help on this that would be of great help. Thank You


  3. Jane

    I stumbled upon your listing while trying to research my find for the day….which I believe may go with your plates. The find was 12 pristine Vera Cocktail napkins, with martini glasses on them and with 6 different fruit designs (times 2 making 12). And the clincher…they have matching Vera coasters, again 6 matching fruits times 2 making 12. The napkins have the bright yellow and white background, with watermelon, orange, strawberry, peach, apple, and what looks like cherry, although they look more like kumquats because they are orangish. They are all in excellent condition. Well, I thought I would let you know. I will be listing these on ebay this weekend!


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