Variations on a Theme

I had to make up for my short-sightedness in leaving some Vera Neumann matchstick cocktail napkins behind, and here is what I settled on.  This Vera scarf featured Italian tickets; I especially love the Capri one.  This is a late 1950s Vera, before the copyright symbol was added in 1960, but after the “V” became capitalized in the mid 50s.

On a similar note is this great scarf I found at the Goodwill Clearance.  It’s modern, but I’m not a vintage snob.  I’ll wear something made yesterday if I love it.  And it is the perfect belt for that knit Clovis Ruffin dress I made.  I wore this the other day and actually got compliments from strangers in stores.  I’m thinking they were just in shock at seeing a woman out shopping  in a dress!

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