Let Me Take You on a Sea Cruise

Today’s post was inspired by Mod Betty at Retro Roadmap.  Last week she discovered that the S.S. United States is docked on the Delaware River at Philadelphia.  The ship is actually for sale.  Wouldn’t it be fantastic if some enterprising cruise ship line were to buy it and put it back into action?

Of course, I’m just dreaming.  Modern cruise ships are a far cry from the United States.  Go to Betty’s site and look at the photos she took of the ship.  Wow, is that an actual deck?  And surely they wouldn’t let people just promanade around, would they?  If you have been on a modern cruise ship, you will get my sarcasm, as they have no places to promanade, and very little outside deck space that isn’t covered in entertainment.

On the latest floating resort, the Oasis of the Sea, the rooms actually have balconies that open to the inside of the ship. You get a great view of the 6000 other passengers’ rooms. And with all the entertainment on board, and the casinos, I’m wondering why it was necessary to put Las Vegas on the ocean when Las Vegas is doing fine in the middle of the desert.  Why can’t a cruise ship just be relaxing transportation?


Posted by Mod Betty / Retro Roadmap:

Lizzie- thanks so much for the link, and the comment on my article! To update, it appears that the Windmill Restaurant in Nags Head closed this past summer. Not to fear! I did some inquiries and I am happy to report that the collection of furniture and memorabilia from the SS United States was donated to the Mariners’ Museum in Newport News VA.
I agree with you totally regarding modern cruising – seems like you wouldn’t even realize you were on a ship at all, why bother!

Tuesday, January 12th 2010 @ 5:14 PM

Posted by Lizzie:

Well, that stuff is better suited to a museum than a restaurant anyday!

Friday, January 15th 2010 @ 7:47 AM

Posted by Anonymous:

My parents met on a cruise to Bermuda. She was going on the vacation of a lifetime. His parents had paid for him to take the trip to think things over before he married a woman they didn’t think was right for him. It was 1938.

Saturday, January 16th 2010 @ 6:41 PM

Posted by Sarah:

What marvellous old photographs you have! They really give an idea of the cruise as an experience, where you really feel like you are out at sea, and being exposed to the elements.Not at all like being trapped in a giant, air conditioned mall! I agree – I can’t see the point of modern cruise ships.

Do you have any info about the locations (ships?) of these photographs? I particularly love the reclining lady with the huge corsage!

Monday, January 18th 2010 @ 2:17 AM

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