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This little booklet of hints was published by Air France for its transcontinental customers sometime in the 1950s.  I love stuff like this because its always interesting to see how much things have changed.

“French cuisine aloft…hot, course-by-course French meals are served to you with vintage wines and chanpagne during the flight.  Naturally, there is no charge for food, or liquor served during meals.”

It’s hard to imagine that kind of thing even in First Class these days!

“Your arrival is at Orly Field, and after the Customs regulations have been completed, you will be taken to Paris in Air France’s own limousines.  There is no charge for this service.”

What luxury!  I’ve never flown into Orly, but in most airports its either the bus, the train, or a very expensive cab.

No copy from the booklet for this one, but who can miss the chic woman in a suit descending the stairs.  When was the last time you saw a woman wearing a suit on a long flight?

And one for the “The more things change, the more they stay the same” file:


Posted by KeLLy Ann:

hahaha! that is wonderful. When we were traveling in the 70s, my brother and I were in the kids captain club, and you would get this book to carry with you and while in flight, the stewardess would bring you to meet the pilots and look out the cockpit, then they would sign it.
Good luck with something like that now.
Which is really sad…

Tuesday, April 13th 2010 @ 1:25 PM

Posted by Em:

Super cute! I love these sort of simple linedrawing brochures, etc., understated and elegant but with panache… Thank you for posting it.

Tuesday, April 13th 2010 @ 1:37 PM

Posted by L:

Brilliant. That penultimate one makes me think of the Eiffel Tower hopping around in the background so as to stay in shot wherever needed… (just like Big Ben in a host of movies!)

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