Hillsville Flea, 2010

I just returned from two days of the madness otherwise known as Hillsville.  As usual, it did not disappoint, though I’d sure like to make some changes to that place.

Hillsville is a small town in southwestern Virginia, and they have been hosting the Hillsville Gun Show and Flea Market since 1968.  This year they predicted there would be close to half a million visitors over the long weekend.  And this is a small town of less than 3000!  The show completely takes over the town, with streets turned into selling spots.  It really is madness, and is only for the hardened flea market fanatic.

The show is about 40% junk, 40% good vintage and antiques, 10% food and maybe 10% guns.  The big problem is that it is all jumbled up together.  You have to walk past a lot of tube socks and tin can yard ornaments to see all the old stuff.  And because it is all spread across two high hills and one deep valley, it can really wear you out.  Add the crowds and the heat, and you can see why I’d never take anyone but myself to this place.

So why do I keep going back, year after year?  Because there are some top notch dealers who go there and not to any other shows in this area.  I’ve made some incredible finds.

So here is a little taste of Hillsville, showing some of the things I thought were interesting, but for which I didn’t find a place in my already over crowded home.

Dated 1928, I thought this manicure set was just lovely.

Here it is in its natural habitat.

Traveling the USA popup book from the 1940s.  Cute but pricey.

I could collect vintage letter sweaters, really, I could!

I almost bought that pink tote, and will probably regret that I forgot to go back and give it a second look.

Big girl’s dress with fabric dated 1964.

See what this place does to you?  I really wanted to join these 2 in their afternoon nap!

Tomorrow, what came home with me.

Posted by Sarah:

Goodness, that does look arduous! All your ‘left behind’ picks look so tantalising. 

I struggle with big events such as this because its so hard to evaluate what to spend my very limited budget on. Do you go with that great item you find in the first hour, or wait and see if something better turns up? Its all part of the challenge I suppose!

Monday, September 6th 2010 @ 1:00 AM

Posted by ++f+:

oh my. 1/10 of that and i’d give up already. but i’d still go, for sure. how i wish i could score a vintage camera! 

Monday, September 6th 2010 @ 7:32 AM

Posted by Karen/Small Earth Vintage:

Oh, that Mary Poppins dress! I find flea markets so overwhelming. Ours seem to have a much higher percentage of junk, too. 

I can’t wait to see what you brought home!

Monday, September 6th 2010 @ 8:10 AM

Posted by Lizzie:

I guess I should point out that the top photo is just a very small part of the entire spectacle. Multiply it times about 12 and you get the full picture. 

Monday, September 6th 2010 @ 8:30 AM

Posted by Melinda:

Good grief, what a scene! You must have had fun! 

Friday, October 22nd 2010 @ 6:28 AM

Posted by Lizzie:

Fun?? Yes!! 

Friday, October 22nd 2010 @ 7:04 AM


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