Ayvad’s Water-Wings – a Patented Life Preserver!

Need help staying afloat?  Well, you might try a pair of Ayvad’s Water-Wings.   These are patented 1902, but a quick web and patent search showed that the inventor, Hachig Ayvad manufactured these at least until the late 1920s.  In fact, a later version became much more literal, with the image of a bird being stenciled on each wing.
Hachig was also an inventor of hammers, and he improved on the mouth valve used for his water-wings.
This set is made from a finely woven cotton, but I can’t imagine that the air stayed in for very long as they are not rubberized.  So I imagine they instituted a few panicky moments when the wearer and non-swimmwer realized she/he was becoming deflated!


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5 responses to “Ayvad’s Water-Wings – a Patented Life Preserver!

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  2. Lou

    I have an old great uncle and before he went into a retirement home he gave me loads of vintage things and a pair of these wings was with them, they work went they are wet, the wet fabric becomes airtight, they are really good fun and it does look like wings when you are floating. you need to blow air in to top them up occasionally.


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