Outdoors Fashion on the Rocks

Yes, quite literally, on the rocks!

I just love vintage photos, and I’m always looking for ones that show women wearing sports clothing, especially if I have similar item in my own collection.  But like anything else, they can quickly get out of control, and if one isn’t careful, the result might be shoe boxes full of photos of all kinds jumbled together.

So I have a filing system, with all photos going into the correct file as soon are they are scanned.  That way I can always put my hands on the original.

This week as I was sorting through some new photos, it occurred to me that I could be categorizing these in so many different ways.  Take the photo above, which is a new favorite.  It will go into the “outings” file, but I could have as easily made a file called “Rocks.”  As I continued to sort, I could not help but notice just how many photos have people posing on rocks.  And not just at the shore; there are desert rocks and river rocks, mountain rocks and creek rocks.  It seems that people do gravitate toward big rocks, probably because nature usually does not provide armchairs!

I love the top photo because I’m convinced that the lady in the white hat is sketching the scene.

More from the On the Rocks file:

Desert rocks, 1920s

River rocks, 1920s

Edwardian Waterfall Dwelllers

Rocks and Snow

“Me at a dizzy height, 7/23/29”

Cliff rocks, 1920s

A lost mermaid?

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