Picasso Fabric

The “problem” with collecting is that one thing naturally leads to another, and another, and …  You get the picture.  You find one vintage swimsuit and find you won’t be satisfied until you have a few more.  But sometimes you just have to be happy with one.

As in my Picasso for White Stag raincoat.  I’ve pretty much convinced myself that I must be happy with just the one item from this artist/ready-to-wear collaboration in 1963.  The items from this line rarely come up for sale, and when they do they cost more than a retired teacher can justify spending. I keep hearing from people who have a piece, but they aren’t interested in selling, not that I blame them.

But sometimes you just get lucky.  My luck wasn’t a piece of the clothing  – it was a piece of fabric that contains the same  Toros work as my raincoat.  And whether or not this was printed for the White Stag line, I have no idea.  I’ve not seen this print of various Picasso posters made into clothing, but that does not mean it was not used by White Stag; I’ve never seen my coat in a print reference either.

My piece of the fabric is one full repeat, and is about 1 yard by one yard.  There is a nickel-sized hole that the seller didn’t bother to mention, but I can’t whine too much as it was a real ebay bargain.  And it came from one of those rare “I’ll just spend a few minutes seeing if there is anything on ebay” moments that end up sucking me deeper and deeper into the ebay search machine.  An hour later I’m peeved whenever I don’t find a thing I’d have, but this time produced not only this, but also a dandy 1950s Rose Marie Reid whimsical beach towel, which of course, I’ll show off at a later date.


Posted by samsara:

I love Picasso prints! I had this fabric in a set of twin-sized bed sheets when I was a kid and I always found it cheery. It made me happy just looking at it now on your blog. What a great ebay find.
Though it is too true what you say about collecting. I have a Picasso print blouse and I want more MORE. Sometimes looking just whets the appetite. 

Wednesday, November 17th 2010 @ 3:22 PM

Posted by Lizzie:

Sheets? Seriously?!

Wednesday, November 17th 2010 @ 6:22 PM



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9 responses to “Picasso Fabric

  1. Cristi

    I’m looking for information about a fabric Picasso designed for Daniel’s and Fisher department store in Denver, Co in 1958. We have draperies made out of it and I am wondering if they are worth anything? Also had sheets and pillowcases! Thanks!


  2. Mel

    I have four of those Picasso curtain panels. They were my mother’s and she never used them. The are 27 inches up top at the tucks and 43 wide at the bottom with a length of 7 ft. They are very bold and lovely but I can’t seem to make them work in my home. Are they worth anything?


  3. OMG . . . so I just started this secret project, and everything I am researching leads me to something you have written! 🙂 This is fantastic. I’m going to have to send you a private message with what I’m doing and some images. ❤


  4. Robin

    I just purches 3 curtain panels in this fabric for $5 at thrift shop, plan to use for my children’s room. Wow, just excited to know there’s more out there.


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