Christmas Favorite

Here is my all-time favorite vintage Christmas card.  There’s just something fresh about this young woman, all dressed and ready for that special Christmas party.  Of course, today, you might used the current favorite catch phrase of the ebay and etsy seller to describe this one:  Mad Men.

And for once, you’d be correct, because this is vintage early 1960s, and very sophisticated in the Mad Men manner.

So which of the women of Mad Men would send such a card?  It looks the type of card a single girl would send, but I just can’t picture Joan or Peggy sending this card.  No, this is an Allison card – sent before the office party.

Apologies to those of you who do not watch Mad Men.

Vintage card by Hallmark


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4 responses to “Christmas Favorite

  1. Fun card…I love Mad Men! I agree, it’s definitely not a Joan or Peggy card – too sweet and sentimental.

    Hey, you were right – it was an easy fix – your blog has now moved up to the top of my list!



  2. Christine H.

    Oh my gosh, I love it—no wonder it is your favorite! Definitely not Joan or Peggy…I can see Allison or maybe even Kitty (before she married Sal) sending this card.


  3. This reminds me of Sophia Loren for some reason.


  4. Betty

    This is so very much more sophisticated and elegant then Mad Men. I always felt like I needed to wash my hands after watching Mad Men. This young woman with flowers is elegant, poised, and quietly confident so very unlike the very sad men and women on Mad Men. I also felt like Mad Men had more of a 50s vibe and never quite maneuvered itself into the 60s. This young lady again, is sweet. A lovely story-telling illustration.


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